Croatian Fraternal Union of America

The Croatian Fraternal Union (CFU) was founded in 1894 primarily as a society of mutual aid for Croatians in the event of sickness and death, as well as an organization through which Croatians in their new land could maintain contact and preserve their heritage and identity. Throughout its 100+ year history, the CFU has grown and matured into a sophisticated modern-day business operating as fraternal benefit society, providing numerous fraternal and cultural programs for the welfare and enjoyment of its membership.

Today, the CFU stands as the oldest and largest Croatian organization outside of the homeland Croatia. It is a highly respected American-Canadian-Croatian organization which honors Croatians as an ethnic group living on the American continent and helps them maintain ties to their homeland. The CFU actively preserves, promotes and protects Croatian heritage and identity while fulfilling the needs of its membership.

All people of Croatian decent should be members of the CFU, and there are many reasons why. Click here for more information!

Croatian Fraternal Union
100 Delaney Drive
Pittsburgh, PA 15235

1 (412) 843-0380