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Croatian Fraternal Union of America

What’s new at Lodge 351

Detroit’s Lodge 351 “Zora” of the Croatian Fraternal Union of America has amassed a proud and distinguished history over the last 100 years – a century full of remarkable activities and contributions by its extraordinary leaders and members.

From its inception, the Lodge has been a pillar of support for the Croatian community, fostering cultural preservation, community engagement, and fraternal unity. Through educational programs, humanitarian efforts, and cultural events, Lodge 351 has left an indelible mark on the Croatian diaspora in Detroit, embodying the spirit of solidarity and pride.

What We Offer?

Cultural Preservation

Tambura, kolo, folk dances, Croatian language, and traditional cuisine.

Lodge Events

Education, sports, children’s events, picnics, banquets and folk music.

Generational Continuity

Passing traditions, family involvement, stewardship and heritage preservation.

Historical Significance

Founding, legacy, milestones and contributions to the Croatian community.

Fraternal Unity

Solidarity, camaraderie, shared values, sense of belonging, and community cohesion.

Future Outlook

Growth, innovation, sustainability, generational shift and vision for the future of the community.